Getting ready for your flooring installation:  

Before the installation team arrives to install your new flooring, be sure that you have looked over this checklist to make your project safe for your children, pets, and belongings. 

To perform a proper installation, we ask:

  • Access to running water and electricity made available to the installation team. 
  • All painting, drywall, plaster, or other trades be completed prior to our arrival. 
  • Climate controlled systems (HVAC, air conditioning, heating, ventilation, etc.) are functioning properly
  • Temperatures need to be set between 60o F and 80oF
  • Children and pets are kept out of the area where the installation will occur. We are not responsible for your children and/or your pets.
  • Aquariums need to be drained down to 1/4 of a tank.  Fish need to be moved separately from the tank.  We are not responsible for aquatic pets and plants. 
  • Waterbeds must be drained prior to the installation team's arrival
  • Heirlooms and breakable items (such as pictures, lamps, art, sculptures, glass, collections, antiques, mirrors, wall hangings, etc.) must be moved prior to installation team's arrival
  • Empty bookcases and cabinets in installation area
  • Disconnect computers, electronics, entertainment systems, sound systems, gaming consoles, televisions, and stereos. TIP: Label wires and input ports with painters tape for fast and easy re-connection.
  • All firearms, and other weapons must be moved prior to our installation team's arrival. This includes antique and collectable weapons of any period.  

During the installation, the areas where the new materials are being installed will be inaccessable for normal use.  Since this is a construction project, it can be noisy, and some flooring products produce strong odors during initial installation.  These odors usually fade quickly.  All adhesives and products that we use in residential or commercial spaces are safe and have MSDS (material safety data sheets) that we will be happy to supply to you, upon request.


The Great Indoors, Inc. stands behind the products and services that it sells.  Our in-house flooring technicians are trained and certified for residential and commercial flooring installations.  We offer first quality products from many major name brand companies and our services can't be beat!

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